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Wayne County is the home to Pulitzer Prize winning novelist T.S. Stribling. His Former home, also currently a museum, is open for Daily tours. But the county boasts other artist in Wayne County that may not be Pulitzer Prize winners, but they hold prominence at the Wayne County Museum.

Some of the names include Sissy Pogue, Danny Davis, Kale Keith, Billy Lawson, the Shawnette Gospel Singer and Albert Kelly and The Merry Makers. Maybe not household names, but you will find interesting fact and information on each of these.

You may also find information on such stars as Don Von Tress, songwriter for “Achy Breaky Heart”; Lloyd Howell, Artist best know for “Froggy Went a Courtin”; And MCA recording artist, songwriter, singer, actor, director and producer Mark Collie, of the movie “The Punisher”.

Come in and research any of these and many more Musicians on exhibit at the Wayne County Museum!

Musician Exhibit

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